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Circle Wellness creates unparalleled therapeutic sanctuaries and experiences that inspire guests to completely unplug.

We combine ancient wellness rituals with modern technology.

We utilize earth elements—salt, wood, clay, charcoal, and minerals— paralleled with radiant heat, ventilation, sound, and light.

Combining therapeutic concepts, specialized materials, and technology from around the world, we create not just wellness amenities, but multi-sensory wellness experiences.

custom salt sauna by pool in tofino - circle wellness studios

We build sustainably with highly energy-efficient structures that require low maintenance—reducing the environmental impact and cost of operation.

What Are the Benefits?

Therapeutic Salt

The Himalayan salt walls produce negative ions, soft glowing light, and gentle radiant heat. Breath deeply while absorbing minerals and trace elements through your skin.


Relieve stress, loosen tense and tight muscles, boost your immune system, and improve mental clarity by immersing yourself in fresh un-chlorinated hot and cold water.

Radiant Heat

The WelPod’s radiant infrared heat relieves inflammation, stiffness and soreness by increasing your blood circulation and metabolism, providing oxygen-rich blood to your muscles.